4 Resources for Cleverly Teaching Grammar to ESL Students

With the shift from teacher-directed instruction to a hands-on, student-directed contextualized approach, you can teach the building blocks of the English language in a way that appeals to your learners. http://www.fluentu.com/blog/educator-english/teaching-grammar-esl/


Functional Grammar

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Grammar often gets such a bad name.  Among educators and students alike, it is the most dreaded topic in the language arts class.  Many of us remember the days of DOLs and papers laden with red ink.  Regardless, grammar is important not only to our writing, but also our oral language.  Grammar is the organization that gives our words meaning.

Functional Grammar is a fairly new method of looking at grammar (within the past 40 years).  Check out this short video for an introduction on teaching functional grammar.

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Authentic Performance Assessments for English Language Learners

A video presentation of a collaborative conversation between two educators with a recommendation on how to develop, gather, analyze, and interpret ELL student data


Using Technology for Assessments in the Classroom

Ever wondered how to incorporate technology into the way you assess your students? Check out this article!


How Do We Ensure Student Voice in the Classroom with English Language Learners?

This article gives practical ideas for quickly assessing students in the classroom, addresses the need for greater dialogue around ensuring student voice in the design and delivery of formative assessments and the importance of confronting the cultural sensitivity with which assessments are designed.


Top 10 Ways to Introduce Culture


topic-image_culture.jpgGreat site to get the conversations rolling when wanting to form a culturally responsive classroom!

Teaching & Learning

Sometimes I think, “Where do I even start?” when introducing a culture I may no nothing about. The awesome thing about this is that it becomes a learning opportunity for me, the teacher! The website shares some simply ideas of topics or cultural concepts to bring up and discuss. It is a great opportunity to have the culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) student share his or her experiences, background, culture, and interests. This is a way for them to communicate with peers, open up questions, and for us to celebrate a culture we are unfamiliar with.


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Make It Count: Providing Feedback as Formative Assessment

Move your students forward in their learning with effective feedback strategies.


5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback

Giving feedback is something that is easily looked over, or overgeneralized most of the time. Find out how to best give effective, useful feedback to your students this school year!


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