Planning ESL Lessons with Cognitive Development in Mind

A school in China understands that in ESL lessons we shouldn't dismiss or even short cut past the development of crucial cognitive skills. Cognitive development (CD) skills include, but aren’t limited to; • Sequencing (Determining the logical order of events in time) • Predicting (Guessing what will happen next) • Comparing (Discovering differences and similarities... Continue Reading →


Check out this great how to on accountable talk!

Utilizing Necessary Learning Environment Strategies for ESL Students

“Like the phrase goes, “In order to really understand something, you need to try to teach it,” the Accountable Talk strategy believes talking with others about ideas and work is fundamental to learning. Talk must be responsive, accurate and requires rigorous thinking in order to have a positive impact on learning.”

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The Prism Model

Educating Educators

Explained more in depth at the link below, the prism model shows how four factors (linguistic, academic, cognitive, and sociocultural) contribute to the success of the CLD student. “No single dimension of CLD student success should be addressed in isolation. Instead, each of the four dimensions of the prism model is interrelated and involves developmental processes that occur simultaneously for the CLD student” (Herrera & Murray, 2012). 

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Academic Language: Accountable Talk

For the past 3 years, I have used what is called "accountable talk" with my students. Defined, Accountable Talk refers to talk that is meaningful, respectful, and mutually beneficial to both speaker and listener. Accountable talk stimulates higher-order thinking—helping students to learn, reflect on their learning, and communicate their knowledge and understanding. I put table tents with... Continue Reading →

Using Reading A-Z to Assess ESL Students

In my classroom we using R-A-Z Kids weekly in our reading block. I love the resources it provides students and the authentic text you can pull. Another thing I love about using this resource is that it comes with ESL Assessments that directly correlate to WIDA, TESOL, and Common Core Standards. A must-have subscription for... Continue Reading →

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