Linguistic Experts Point to Benefits of Teaching Children Multiple Languages

  "The ability to speak more than one language can enhance brain function, academic performance and business acumen, linguistic experts said" Source: Linguistic Experts Point to Benefits of Teaching Children Multiple Languages


Bi-cultural – Multiple Perspectives

New research has found that not only are biculturals proven to have the advantages such as having a larger social network and more culturally aware, but bicultural people are also more creative and seem to get promoted quicker. Many advantages of being bicultural are discussed in this article in Psychology Today.

Birthday Rituals Ghana

Ghana – Children wake up to a special treat of “oto” – a patty prepared from a mashed sweet potato and eggs fried in palm oil. Celebrations are wound up with a birthday party. Source: Birthday Rituals Ghana

Music Making Traditions in Ghana

The Ghanaian musical scene of the late 1990‘s three main musical typologies: traditional, popular and art. Ghanaian traditional music is the type which is created and performed by ―simple agricultural communities sharing common ideas and beliefs, common customs and institutions, common folk tales and oral traditions. It is predominantly vocal, its text reflects the philosophy... Continue Reading →


“Myths About Bilingual Children”-You shouldn’t speak your native language with your child at home because…your child will be delayed, will be confused, and bilinguals are less intelligent than monolinguals, reducing to one language will improve your child’s chance for success = ALL MYTHS!Brenda K. Gorman, PH.D. debunks all these myths and this would be great... Continue Reading →

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