Teaching ESL Students

The following link is a video of me teaching an ESL student in class. This is a course requirement of EDU 580 at Georgetown College (KY). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tt5gS8B_kSiahuEGoNtXpo45bPqXMMCb


The Prism Model

Educating Educators

Explained more in depth at the link below, the prism model shows how four factors (linguistic, academic, cognitive, and sociocultural) contribute to the success of the CLD student. “No single dimension of CLD student success should be addressed in isolation. Instead, each of the four dimensions of the prism model is interrelated and involves developmental processes that occur simultaneously for the CLD student” (Herrera & Murray, 2012).


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Using Reading A-Z to Assess ESL Students

In my classroom we using R-A-Z Kids weekly in our reading block. I love the resources it provides students and the authentic text you can pull. Another thing I love about using this resource is that it comes with ESL Assessments that directly correlate to WIDA, TESOL, and Common Core Standards. A must-have subscription for... Continue Reading →

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