Teaching ESL Students

The following link is a video of me teaching an ESL student in class. This is a course requirement of EDU 580 at Georgetown College (KY). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tt5gS8B_kSiahuEGoNtXpo45bPqXMMCb


Crafting Language Objectives to Support English Language Learners

"Language objectives clarify how language instruction is integrated with content, and specifically identify: The way students will use language to engage with the content of the lesson and accomplish the content objectives The specific components of academic language (vocabulary, language structures, etc.) that students will need to learn to accomplish the objectives With advanced planning,... Continue Reading →

Socratic Seminars with ELL Students

For several weeks in my 5th grade reading blog I love to have my students participate in socratic seminars. They each participate both a "coach" and "player" role and have meaningful, authentic, academic conversations about a passage, book, or story we have read. In these seminars, they discuss vocabulary and use academic language to form... Continue Reading →

Academic Language: Accountable Talk

For the past 3 years, I have used what is called "accountable talk" with my students. Defined, Accountable Talk refers to talk that is meaningful, respectful, and mutually beneficial to both speaker and listener. Accountable talk stimulates higher-order thinking—helping students to learn, reflect on their learning, and communicate their knowledge and understanding. I put table tents with... Continue Reading →

Using Reading A-Z to Assess ESL Students

In my classroom we using R-A-Z Kids weekly in our reading block. I love the resources it provides students and the authentic text you can pull. Another thing I love about using this resource is that it comes with ESL Assessments that directly correlate to WIDA, TESOL, and Common Core Standards. A must-have subscription for... Continue Reading →

Learning Targets or Learning Objectives?

Great resource shared by a peer. Great to understand the difference between these two often interchanged terms.

Teaching & Learning


Have you ever used these terms interchangeably like I have? Do you ever get confused on what you should actually write on the board?

I ran across this Smores Blog by Amanda Ball. She has some great, simple explanations to understanding the difference between Targets and Objectives.

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Vocabulary for ELLs

  This site provides information on the importance of providing vocabulary in a culturally responsive way for ELL students. Informative video by Dr. Flores!

Summer Literacy Resources

It is so easy for students to fall back in their academics over the summer. Check out this article to find different methods for helping ELL students to keep up with their studies over the summer in fun, interactive ways.

ESL Highlights

summer reading

Language Magazine explores different methods and resources for helping ELL students to keep up with their studies over the summer in fun ways.

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